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ESPN’s Wide World of Sports

Disney’s Wide World of Sports

47 square miles of sports. Over 180 events, drawing millions of athletes and fans each and every single year. Welcome to a vast new world of unparalleled sports excitement. Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex is the ultimate destination for athletes, fans, and anyone who loves sports. The 220-acre facility plays host to over 170 amateur and professional events each year. This is a place where athletes can compete and experience the same world-class facilities that are used by the best athletes in the world. Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex is the home of exhilarating experiences which ignite passion and fuel the spirit. Marvel as the thrills of hard-won victory are played out before your eyes at state-of-the-art facilities, or root for your favorite team while enjoying a savory meal at the Official All Star Café. From the Atlanta Braves Spring Training to the interactive Multi-Sports Experience to fantastic food, Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex is the premiere place for all sports fans.


The Ballpark
A 9,500 seat baseball stadium built in 1997. Formerly known as Cracker Jack Stadium. It is the spring training home of the Atlanta Braves and the recurring home for the Gulf Coast Braves.


Milk House
A 5,000 seat multi-purpose arena located at Disney World. Sponsored by the National Dairy Association.


Hess Sports Fields
Consists of eight multi-purpose fields, two are equipped for night play. Four are made to international soccer dimensions. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have conducted training camp at the facility since 2002.

Baseball Quadraplex
Consists of four professional baseball fields and one practice infield, two are equipped for night play. The quadrapelex also consists of batting tunnels, pitching mounds, hitting tunnels, masters pitching machines, and ten bullpens.


The first venue to be completed, consists of six fields used for softball and youth baseball. Organized with four fields in circle and two adjacent.


Centre Court Stadium
A 1,000 to 8,500 seat, ten court tennis complex.


Cross Country Course
Consists of multi-purpose fields, the Track and Field Complex, and a 0.7 mile wooded trail.


Track and Field Complex
A 500 seat, competition facility for track and field events, designed to International Amateur Athletic Federation specifications.


Jostens Center
The new Jostens Center is a multi-sport facility with more than 44,800 square feet of competition space, with basketball and volleyball courts, roller hockey rinks, locker rooms, and more.